Sunday, November 21, 2010

ABC's Of Me

A: Anthony Reagan Johnston, the Love of my life :)
B: Beauty comes in many shapes & sizes.
C: Costumes, I love any reason to dress up, fancy or crazy
D: Day Dreamer, my head is constantly dreaming up some new adventures for  me to conquer.
E: Elton John, I listen to his music when im having a bad day.
F: Faith; For we walk by faith not by sight 2 Cor 5:7
G: God is the reason for everything in my life and I praise him.
H: Hair styles, i am constantly getting bored with my hair and changing it.
I: Indecisive, sometimes i can be so indecisive it's annoying to myself.
J: Jeeps; i love my Jeep Cherokee, especially covered in mud!
K: Kit Kats Mmmmmm my tummy has a happy when i eat a kit kat.
L: Laughing till it hurts; i love these moments.
M: Mondays; if everyday were a gift i would like to know where to return mondays.
N: No fear; i believe in facing the fears in your life.
O: Once; i will try just about any food at least once because i never know when i might just like it.
P: Photography is a passionate hobby of mine, i one day want to have my own dark room and gallery.
Q: Quiet; Sometimes quiet is exactly what I need.
R: Rain; i love the rain the way it smells, the puddles, getting to wear rain boots and of course kisses in the rain. ;-) and I've always believed that rain was the tears of angels pouring down through the holes in heavens floor.
S: See-Saws, Swings and Slides are childhood, i was so sad when they started getting rid of the see-saws at playgrounds.
T: Tigers; they are my favorite animal, they are such Beautiful,majestic, powerful, strong mysterious, protective, and loving creatures.
U: Underwear; sometimes i hate clothing so much i wish i could just go all day wearing just my underwear.
V: Victory; i am so competitive and i dislike loosing
W: World Travel; i love to travel and i want to go all over the world adventuring.
X:  X - marks the spot; pirates are so cool and if anything ever happened to my eye i would totally sport an eye patch
Y: Young at heart; i constantly say im only 3
Z: Zoids was probably my favorite cartoon growing up. i used to watch it every morning before school.

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